The Fork in the Road

Life is hard y'all. It's not easy and it never will be easy. Otherwise we wouldn't be questioning our next steps. It gets rough, and that is the nature of life. The complexity of life is a topic that can be long opinionated on how to live, but it's truly what you want to do … Continue reading The Fork in the Road

A Tribute Goodbye to My Wonderful Kiddo: Skye

Dear Skye, On February 7th, 2017, I, with the help of your three uncles – Jake, Tucker and Evan - adopted you into my family. You were the first dog that I have ever adopted, and there was something about you that pulled me towards you; literally as you grasped onto my sleeve and wouldn’t … Continue reading A Tribute Goodbye to My Wonderful Kiddo: Skye


Motivation. A simplistic word that creates movement amongst individuals with the breath of a word. Motivation is one the of the strongest emotions in the world. Motivation is what continues the grind and captivates everyone’s mind when they have a bigger picture, a dream. An ideology that many crave and many elucidate with their depictions … Continue reading Motivation

Dear Jane

It has been a week since you have passed away unexpectedly and we all miss you. I miss you. You were a part of my family, and I was a part of your family. No matter what, that will always hold true. To me, you were a grandmother guiding me through life's toughest challenges these … Continue reading Dear Jane


I have been wanting to update this blog for a while, but I haven’t known what to say exactly. It has been a wild last 8 weeks, a very quick 8 weeks at the least. Many things have occurred since my IV treatments at such a quick pace that it has been overwhelming. Nothing has … Continue reading Hope