A simplistic word that creates movement amongst individuals with the breath of a word. Motivation is one the of the strongest emotions in the world. Motivation is what continues the grind and captivates everyone’s mind when they have a bigger picture, a dream. An ideology that many crave and many elucidate with their depictions of the future. A passion ever-so growing inside an individual that eradicates all fear and sense of loss, because motivation pushes us beyond our limits.

Visions come and visions go, but we as human beings tend to fuel a fire inside of us when we grasp onto the galvanizing illusions we create like a spark that has been ignited. As a key turns the ignition, we can’t help but think, to remove ourselves from park, to attaching ourselves into drive while appointing our feet to the gas. Off we go, chasing the end of the rainbow for the pot of gold as we know, as our dream, our future that elevates our desires.

We strive to create this future that we used to call the American Dream. Now, many are content with living their same daily life fearing their own future because they can’t climb out of a hole. Well, you’re wrong, and motivation would like to elaborate on that. We hear this often: Michael Jordan was cut from the varsity in high school and now he is a world champion, Bill Gates dropped out of school and created the largest online platform, born into poverty Oprah Winfrey is now one of the greatest TV correspondents, or Malala Yousafzai who rose from evil to become one of the brightest educational minds. Motivation is an emotion that would be deemed as one of the “Wonders of the World” because of the beauty and power it beholds within an individual.

Motivation provides insight to an individual’s capabilities. Motivation is a measurable variable that people often ignore, because they lack the confidence of achieving their passion. Let the motivation consume your fear and augment your actions. We all have days where we sink into a hole and feel trapped. But, we also have the ability to escape, to drift into the light that will restart our race. I for one am someone who dug a hole and became entrenched by it. So, let me tell you a story.


There’s a child that was born into a family of love and many blessings. A child that came from a father who had to make an unfathomable decision to be where he is today, and a mother that worked unimaginable hours as a nurse whom both would later on become successful and astonishing grandparents. The child grew into a life of average educational performances and average athletic skills. The child would later on be bullied as they entered middle school.

An age where young kids are suppose to accelerate into life, creating memories with friends, was not the norm for this child. Rather, the child was laughed upon for looks and behaviors, even remarked as a failure to this society. Even worse, stated to go off themself and rid their life of this world. This child moved states shortly after hitting the restart button to regain a sense of what their life is suppose to become.

The teenager would struggle in high school with education at times and inconsistently performed in sports throughout. Lacking confidence and a sense of a future, the teenager entered some rough and difficult times that deterred them from achieving success. The teenager looked to escape and crossed the United States upon entering college to reshape their future with a new found purpose.

The young adult would then continue to struggle in education in the first semester. As a result, the young adult earned their worst grade of their educational career, a D-. But, that became the turning point of this young individual’s career. While maintaining a job with a superb mentor of a boss, and a motivated mentor as an advisor, the young adult made strides to generate success out of failure. That success, became noted by the mentors as time progressed.

Two years later and the young adult never dropped below a 3.5 each semester and elevated themself at their professional occupation. It wasn’t until their third year, they learned of one of their mentors believed they were cheating in their course, for good reasons they believed it. A quote the young adult holds close, “You rose from a D on your first exam to an A- and I instantly assumed you cheated. But I checked and you didn’t, which astounded me. Then I began to notice you and your demeanor changed. You morphed from a young adult into a man before my eyes.”

This young man then endured a difficult year long tenure of a health impact that would derail anyone from their dreams and passion. But, with the odds against them, the young man surpassed all odds and left an impression on those who doubted and those who believed it’d be years before full recovery. In a given timeline of 3 years, the young man went from crawling to running in 1 year after a remarkable lung disease prevented regular life activities.

Upon returning, the young man surpassed academical odds as professors thought of relieving educational pressure. But the young man pressed on and eclipsed a new threshold of academic achievements, barely missing out on a 3.75. The young man would graduate in good standings and enter adulthood with continued struggles in other aspects of life with an internship.

The newly adult would endure fun and success at the internship before an old friend would take notice to their capabilities to replace them in a wonderful position. The adult would then begin to excel in what would become an organization that harbors belief and confidence in that adult. An adult, that now is motivated to achieve their aspirations.

And that adult, is me. Why tell you this lame story of a non-exciting background? Because, removing my name and creating a story I lived and breathed in relates to many of you. I endured my failures and excelled in creating success out of nothing because I became motivated. Motivation drove me into insanity of craving excellence. No, I didn’t come from terrible situations, but unforeseen and ill-ridden events surfaced as I grew older.

Through dark times and difficult situations, I often find myself motivate by others and my failures to simply do better and be better. One step at a time, and simply seeing other people create success drives my inspiration. Watching those who were motivated by their passions and utilize it for the better good of society, replicates my desires to be the best person I ultimately can be. So, why can’t I?


I aspire to become a motivational speaker in some fashion. I have stories to tell, and others to advocate for. By doing so, I wish to motivate those around me to better the best version of themselves. I aspire to become a larger role in my organization. An old friend handpicked me to replace her and I don’t take it for granted. With the support around me, I hope to become a more important figure. I aspire to become a better man and to one day, be the best father I can be. My past creates a sense of always needing to be this caring and charismatic person to all of those around me. My family’s support also generates good vibes and inspires me to be a good man.

My past motivates me to become a motivational speaker. My education and peers motivate me to grow substantially in my organization. My family motivates me to become a better man. So, what motivates you?

As Kirk Nugent explained:

“I came to shine light into the dark
And like a dog against a hydrant, I am leaving my mark!
We were not sent here to invest in someone else’s idea of what we should be
The complacent life does not stimulate me
So forgive me if I feel no compassion
For those poor souls who live to follow the fashion
Because if you want to live a life that’s neither limited nor ration
Then by God you must pursue your passion.”

With love,



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